Eco Diaper Dilemma

Early this morning, while Lukas was still asleep, I searched the web for some eco-friendly diaper options for Lukas. I enjoy learning about new products that could potentially make my life easier.

The majority of eco-friendly diapers are still made of cloth, which can be very cumbersome when you don't have much time to spare. I actually found a website in Canada that provides classes for cloth diaper management! It never ceases to amaze me how creative people can get to make money!

we're not ready yet for cloth diapers, but I do feel very guilty about using regular disposable ones, sending all this plastic to the landfill. In the last few months we’ve been trying the G Diaper. It is a very interesting concept, a mix of “green” disposable pad attached to cloth panties.

Basically the starter kit comes with a couple of cloth panties that can be alternated, disposing only the pads. Overall it is a good product, but unfortunately the design has yet to be improved. It leaks a lot, resulting in extra loads of laundry to wash sheets, PJs and pants, defeating the eco-friendly purpose!

Here is the link to gdiapers for more information, if you are interested.

For now, we use the product during the day, only when we know for sure that #2 is not happening within the next couple of hours!


Jennifer said...

We've been using gDiapers for over a year and if they are put on correctly there are no leaks. You need to be sure the liner is laying nicely along their leg the same way panties would - so pull them up a bit higher for a good fit. Also, for overnights, if you double up a second disposable refill, everything will be absorbed nicely. We use the gCloth inserts in combo, so our overnight diaper is a gCloth and then a disposable refill folded in half and placed in front.

Renata Lima Lerch said...

HI Jennifer. We are huge gDiapers fans now. This post was written over a year ago. Thanks for your tips! We use Gs for both kids now!