We are very glad to share with you our experiences and information from multiple sources about raising kids with an Eco & Logical mindset. It reflects our journey to a healthy and meaningful lifestyle!
Here you find easy-to-make homemade recipes for baby food, providing nutritional values and storage techniques. After reading this, you won’t even think about feeding jarred food for the little ones anymore! (ok, except when you travel). Check out the Homemade Baby Food section. Really easy recipes that will save you time and hundreds of glass jars. Busy Logical Moms don’t waste resources!
We also share experiences and valuable information on living an Active Lifestyle. Hopefully we will be able to motivate you to exercise with your kids, teaching them the joy of an active life.
Check out our Logical Traveler section for useful tips on traveling with kids. Top advices from experienced world travelers!
Please send us your comments and suggestions for topics. We want this site to be interactive, a rich resource for you and other parents! Information with an Eco & a Logical flare!
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