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Green Tips to Save Resources at Home and Office (and save you some cash)

folha verdeSaving resources is not only good for the environment, but also great for you and your family. Your kids see their parents as role models. Our daily attitude will teach them how to take care of themselves and the environment, respecting our community.

Click on the links below for great and easy tips to save money and resources at home, office and on the road:

What you can do at home

What you can do at the office

What you can do on the road

Check out the Consumer Report for Greener Choices of Products

There are so many ways to improve the quality of our planet. It is as easy as setting ourselves a goal to implement one smart green change a month! We can do it!


Travel Packing: Check List for Babies and Toddlers

Bringing a baby or a toddler to a domestic or international trip is fun but requires some serious preparation, andpassaporte e woman additional equipment. Having an umbrella stroller is very helpful to navigate through airports, and at destinations. Also, bringing some comfort food items, such as cereal or Cheerios, can be a huge plus while the little one gets acquainted with different food. Depending on where you are staying, bringing a portable crib, such as the Pack & Play can be very useful, and is usually light enough to carry around.

Another very valuable item is a large diaper changing mat. You can buy a piece of fabric that is water proof on one side, and cushioned on the other. That allows you to change diapers anywhere. Many countries lack the convenience of public restrooms' changing tables. Now for the small items:

Minimum carry on luggage: diaper bag with diaper, rash cream, wipes, extra pants, t-shirts (for mom and dad too, in case of an accident) and sweater, blanket, socks, pacifier, toys and books, bib, spoon, bowl, enough food for the flight or road trip hours, sippy cup and water for taking off and landing (the cabin pressure can be painful for those little ears).

Minimum checked luggage: baby monitor, washcloth, body wash, thermometer, Mylicol, sunscreen, cotton balls and swabs, nail clipper, diaper, rash cream, brush (tooth and hair), changing mat, nasal aspirator, Tylenol, nasal saline solution, bottles, sippy cups, spoon, bowl, bibs, cereal, enough food such as cheerios, organic jarred food for a couple of days, pacifier, toys and books, bug repellent, and enough clothing.

Checkout my posting for additional travel packing tips.

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